Saturday, 30 March 2013

Postnatal Yoga Poses For New Moms

There are several things scurrying through your mind when you are up and about after having given birth to some baby; the welfare of the people, your nutrition and health, not to mention shedding those few unwanted weight that you gained during the pregnancy or post delivery. You would like to get rid of that unwanted weight once you can. This is where postnatal yoga comes into the image to help you.
Postnatal yoga can be a great way for women to get fit, relax, and bond using their newborns after childbirth. These types of yoga classes allow a woman to sign up in low-impact exercises that help tone important muscles that may have been compromised during pregnancy and childbirth. The controlled breathing exercises will even often help a new mother relax. One of the greatest benefits of prenatal yoga, however, is that it provides the new mother a chance to bond together with her baby.

The Tiger Pose

This can be a very common pose of postnatal yoga suggested to women dealing with postpartum pain. You have to be on all fours (arms and legs) on the ground mat. Now fold one leg just like a crouching tiger. Straighten this leg and produce it back to the folded position. Do 10 counts and proceed to the other leg. Most women pout on the lot of postnatal weight around their rear. This pose helps shape in the lower portion of the body.

The Cobra Pose

This yoga pose is generally called Bhujangasan and done to cure back pain. Women suffer from severe back pain after their delivery which means this post-partum yoga posture is ideal for them. Lie flat in your stomach on the floor mat; press the pelvic region of the body on the floor and inhale deeply. Now lift up your upper body a little. Make sure you distribute the stress of the lift evenly across your back.

The Triangle Pose

Trikonasana is yet another name for this yoga pose that can help lose belly fat from the sides of waist. Additionally, it stretches the pelvis. Stand together with your feet as much apart as possible. Now bend to your left and touch the ground and raise your right hand up. Repeat exactly the same the other way round. Do it for 10 counts in each side.

Son Of Brahma Pose

For those who have pain in the abdominal muscles then Marijuana you can easily help you. Sit with your legs extended in front of you. Now fold one leg and absorb it the loop of your arms. Bring your arms behind your back and interlace your fingers. Hold it for 30 seconds and repeat the step using the other leg.

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