Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Protein Diet Menu for Women

A protein diet plan can be beneficial for women who wish to lose weight, eat according to their metabolic type, or simply be aware of healthiest sources of protein to choose at the supermarket. The amount of protein needed varies--but all women can usually benefit from following a protein diet plan including lean causes of protein providing essential nutrients for optimal health.

Women who regularly reduce carbohydrates and eat high levels of protein are at increased risk of heart disease.

Types of Protein Diets

High protein diet plans (also called low-carb diets) are designed to promote rapid initial weight loss. These diets restrict carbohydrates for example breads, potatoes, pasta and foods containing refined sugar. 

Types of Proteins

Protein diet plans for women should primarily include complete lean proteins supplying an adequate amount of the essential amino acids needed by the body. Complete protein sources include meat, fish, eggs, dairy products plus some plant protein sources such as quinoa, buckwheat and soybeans. 

Protein Intake

Protein plans for women ought to be designed based on age, health and lifestyle. Like a general recommendation, protein should constitute 10 to 35 % of total caloric intake, based on the National Academy of Sciences. 


Eating quality proteins at each meal can help women lose weight by reducing digestion and insulin production, thus making it simpler for the body to break down and use body fat for energy.

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