Friday, 16 January 2015

How to Lighten Skin Naturally

The best way to whiten one’s skin is to opt for natural skin lightening remedies. When speaking of natural, it means that it came from the nature itself. There are no chemicals involved. These natural remedies are economical and user friendly because the ingredients can be seen just inside your kitchen. There is no need to go to a beauty shop just to have it. Also, there are minimal cases of skin inflammation due to allergic reactions,which is safe for everyone who wishes to have a fairer skin.

However, there are some natural home remedies that can help to lighten black skin without the use of chemicals or medical treatments.

Aloe Vera

Aloesin is a compound that is present in aloe vera plant. Aloesin can inhibit tyrosinase activity thus regulating the production of melanin in your skin. This way you can get fairer skin by using aloe vera gel. As aloe vera also have many additional benefits in the form of its antioxidant properties, it can give you a soft, smooth skin which is light in color.

Rice Flour Scrub

Regular scrubbing ensures removal of dead cells which accumulate on the skin over a period of time and lend it a dull and sallow look.  Grind some rice to fine powder and mix in milk cream or curd as per your skin type. Use this as a scrub all over your body once in a week and fall in love with your skin. Make sure to finely grind the powder. Coarse powder will not make a smooth scrub and will fall off your skin quickly, making it messy and ineffective.

Potatoes And Milk

This may seem like an unusual combination but a mask made from potatoes and milk lighten the skin tone fast. Take a freshly peeled potato and grate it. In the grated potato, mix raw milk and half teaspoon finely grounded rice flour.Mix the paste well and apply on your face and neck. Once it dries, massage your face and neck with wet fingers and rinse with plain water. Regular use will not only lighten the skin tone but will also brighten the complexion.

Honey and Almond

Honey and almond work wonderfully for skin whitening if applied together. They moisturize skin as well as remove all sun tan. You can make this mask easily. Just mix 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of milk powder, half tsp of almond powder or oil and 1 tsp of honey. Mix them and make a paste. Apply it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off with normal water.

Gram Flour Face Mask

Gram flour also called chickpea flour, is made from the Garzanbo legume and has been used in India since ages to make skin softer, smoother and lightened. It not only acts as an excellent exfoliant but transfers all its nutrients to your skin to make it glow. When you make face mask using gram flour, you add a host of other ingredients that also whiten your skin. Used regularly, you can get whitened skin easily with this face mask.

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